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Will there be an app for end-users to conveniently browse available repositories and to subscribe/unsubscribe from them? Perhaps an option to "hide" the repository-stuff and browse/install/uninstall available apps; I reckon end-users might not be too interested in who's making the apps, sad as that sounds...

Also, are there plans like hosting DVCS's like Mecurial/Git? Forums and issues? Or do you refer to the Bitbuckets and Githubs for that?

(Currently I've put my app on Nokia's project site, which provides a dvcs, wiki, forum, issues, file hosting combined under one umbrella. I kinda like that)

Finally: support for OpenID, or heck, certificate-based logins, would be welcome. We're not n00bs and understand perfectly well there are better & easier things than "login and password" :P

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