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Originally Posted by marmistrz View Post
strange, I uploaded this and added myself as the maintainer, don't know why I'm not the maintainer.

I compiled this as a build-depend for other libs needed for meego.

It's devel after all...
Has anyone beside impeham experienced any problems?
Did you consider using different name? it looks like whole lot of other software now depends on it and even simple update of psx emulator or even apt-get update with extras-devel enabled (i guess we all have xserver-xorg-core package) will install this one... if extra functions are needed only for meego and the package itself is in Maemo core, it could always be called e.g. libaux-power (busybox-power, kernel-power, etc. ) and have "provides" and "replaces" flags set in debian config file. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but pushing to extras-devel package with exact same name as a package in other repo is plain wrong

edit: i still have osso version installed, so can't help you with testing, if i update (in case it will get pushed with some other updates), i will let you know here in this thread.

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