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i installed the os2008 today and till now i found the following bugs:1)the sound is horrible and u just can't listen to music in this way,also it's very low.2)no support for video at all,i guess the codecs are missing or just doesn't work.3)it crashes when it boots up if u touch the screen,u will need to wait about a minute and then u can do whatever u want and it won't crash.4)it needs at least 16mb virtual memory,as more as u add it will improve the performance,in my case i added the whole 64mb and it runs very good.5)no flash support althoug google maps works very good,youtube,google videos and the rest are not available in this os2008HE.6)skype doesn't work that good,in fact i wasn't able to make calls,it says a codec is missing in the error pop up i receive,the chat on it works perfect.
those are at the moment the bugs i found,i'll keep this os coz it looks so cool,it's a beautiful os,anyway i'm not a media guy so i don't care about the sound and i believe in some days,weeks or months all this bugs will be fixed,remember it's the first release and it's not recomended to install if u want a stable the moment except the bugs it's very stable for me.i'll keep it.

EDIT: i found a nice trick to increase a bit more the performance,u may turn the brightness to thr minimum or at least very low,i know it's dark but not that much and also the volume coz anyway the sound sucks,doing this the performance increases very nice and the browser gets a lot of more speed.check it by yourself

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