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Greetings TMO, been a long time. Stumbling into this thread because these days I'm carrying the Tizen-wearable, the Gear S.

Its interesting to read all of your thoughts towards Tizen. At the same time there's a sense of hopefulness - the whole "yet another Linux platform" thing - and sense of dread - "we don't trust Samsung to give us a well designed platform we don't see how to monetize clearly." I get it, and to some extent, want to throw my hat into the fray.

Most platforms need simply to address a core comms or productivty question. Its not a platform answer, its a behavior answer. Samsung has done nothing to speak towards why Tizen makes certain connected-devices-behaviors better. iOS is morphing, and Android is trying to fight its way upmarket after essentially being the cheap and easy alternative. If you want to see Tizen, SailfishOS, or whatever platform, work - it has to be more than FOSS, more than being backed by world governments (though that does help), and even more than having fans who push developers to release full and half-basked stuff.

Tizen, if this community wants to speak anything positive into it, needs to show how it can and does answer whatever the next steps in computing needs to be. I've got the hardware, and a few answers... who feels like building the future you think Samsung should have marketed when they made this platform a part of their focus.

*If my Gear S had its own workflow engine, what could a wrist that acts like an extension to our behaviors really do

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