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anyway to fix d-bus? In an earlier post I was trying to setup gparted to load from chroot without having to use command line in xterm everytime I reboot system. I got an error in dbus but it did not effect easy debian so I let it go.

Benson any ideas on how to fix dbus error. if anyone would know it wuld be benson.

Qole. I'm trying to understand partitioning for Easy Debian. I'm trying to undrstand these two posts. Can you help me. I want to add all the cool apps you guys are porting. I have about 4gb left on my mmc1 card and would like to use it for Easy Debian. I can repartition the external card but I'm confused as to how. I have qtparted, emelfm and gparted. I just don't know how to do it and the posts below lack explanation at my level in this area. In qtparted I can see that you can partition a particular card but I don't want to create a major disaster.


I finally after running into the "out of space" jazz again decided to try the resize2fs ordeal, and it worked!

Step by step (in case anyone needs more details)

* I opened up a Debian shell and copied /sbin/resize2fs over to /media/mmc1 and then under an OS2008 shell (as root) copied it from mmc1 over to OS2008's sbin. (and I think I had to chmod a+x resize2fs since the FAT SD killed the execute bit)
* I rebooted, since I am too lazy to ensure the image is properly unmounted.
* After rebooting, in an OS2008 shell (as root) I typed: "resize2fs /media/mmc1/debian.img.ext 1512M" - the 1512M can be changed, of course, to whatever your target size is.
* Afterwards, I ran "e2fsck -f /media/mmc1/debian.img.ext2" to ensure there were no errors in the file system (I found a few, but they were fixed).
* Install, install, install.

I just installed KDE4.1 to my easy debian chroot with ext3 partition and its a lot faster than i heard in Keblet thread.
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