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There is currently no way to restore session on startup of Webcat.
So manually restoring is the only option for now.

Even that tends to overload older devices like Jolla 1 and slows them down to a point where it asks to close the app or wait.

When it comes to setting as default that should be fixed with a newer mimer version. (Fix landed in git version aswell of webcat)

I don't know which fault it is, but if I enter via webcat my nextcloud the complete webview is broken and anusable.
Which version of QtWebkit do you use Webcat with?
It works for me with QtWebkit 5.212
edit: Can confirm it looks a bit broken with QtWebkit 5.6.2

Note also that the new layout for the toolbar is a bit borked when opening Webcat with only one tab: everything is left aligned instead of using all the width as normal,
Screenshot or didn't happen :P
edit: On second read I think you are describing the landscape view. Which in this case is exactly how it should look like (it was a feature request from a fellow Jolla Tablet user)

Feature request: could we have a "close current tab on long press on the tab icon"?
We had long presses already and I moved it out because it was conflicting with compositor swipes to minimize the window on several devices.
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