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Thanks for the History/Restore last session option, I didn't notice the Pulley in the history. Very convenient and I think it's a good alternative. That way I can restore it only when I want to, which is probably 50% of the time, not bad.

Llelectronics, what is the preferred method at the moment, "harbour-webcat --set-default" or Mimer? The former throws an error on my Jolla C now (although the command still exists), but if Mimer is the recommended way, it's all good.

Can you comment on the behavior when the browser is already running and the user clicks on a link in another application? Breiti_oi is right that it happens with the Sailfish browser as well, so is there no workaround? It's a real annoyance since the OS doesn't allow to copy/paste links from everywhere (e.g., events feed, e-mails), so we can't always manually open a new tab and paste the URL. At least with Sailfish browser, we can close it, tap on the link, and Sailfish browser will open with the previous tabs and the new tab. In Webcat, it will be either the new tab or the previous session, not both.

Can Qtwebkit 5.212 and 5.6.2 be easily swapped using your OpenRepos package now, or is it still manual to revert to the vanilla version before a Sailfish upgrade?

The issue I described with the toolbar was in portrait orientation, I'll send a screenshot next time it happens. I'm not sure how to reproduce it, it seems a bit random at the moment, still need to identify the causal factor.

Not sure I understand the conflict with the compositor swipe, but in that case a triple tap as suggested by Karlos devel above would work too. A fast way to close tabs with one move and without changing the view would be a noticeable improvement in terms of user experience.

Cheers, and thanks again for your amazing work on this browser!

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