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Originally Posted by llelectronics View Post
Which version of QtWebkit do you use Webcat with?
It works for me with QtWebkit 5.212
edit: Can confirm it looks a bit broken with QtWebkit 5.6.2
I thought Jolla updated QtWebkit with the last update. But now I recognize, that they didn't. So I'm still on 5.6.2..

But I can't update to 5.2.12, because I can't make a backup of the original packages:

Fatal error: File './qt/armv7hl/libqtwebkit5-5.6.2+git5-1.3.1.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''
Edit: Forget it, I just had to
pkcon refresh
So I updated to 5.212 and can confirm, that everything looks like it should.

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