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Isn't that the truth. No seriously.

Due to a want/need to start looking for a form of income, I ended up getting an android phone to test things on. And holy crap, seriously people had kept telling me "Oh, it's gotten so much better since 1.6!" which is the last version I'd really used for more than a few moments at a time.

I'd installed Android-x86 on my Touchsmart, but the touch screen wouldn't work, but everything else did (still looking into getting the touch working). Looked/ran okay, and was kind of wanting another device to test on... so I ended up getting a Galaxy Note 3.

I absolutely hate it. Where's my swiping from the edge to change screens? Where is the awesome multi-tasking?

Can't wait 'til I can throw sailfish on it!

I have figured out the reason 'smartphones' were invented. They are for reading the internet while pooping. This means the best smartphone ever created is the N9. It is the only one that works so well single-handed.

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