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What about GpsDrive app?

It has the friends tracking feature:

There is a server program, called friendsd which acts as server for the
position of your friends. If you enable it in the settings menu, then
you can see the position of all gpsdrive connected with this server.

You will see the position of your friends as a car symbol on the map,
including the name, time, day of week and the speed of his last connec‐
tion. The blue arrow shows the last reported direction of your friend.

The time is transmitted as UTC, but shown on the display as your local
time, so it is also correct if your friend lives in another time zone.

The server uses port 50123 (UDP), so be sure that you open the port in
your firewall. The server needs no root privileges and should run as
normal user or a special user with no privileges. The server was NOT
tested for security.

There is a friends server running on, you can try
it if you enable it in the settings menu.

You can also send messages to other mobile targets (Misc. Menu/Mes‐
Possible porting?
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