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I'm sorry for the wall of text, I didn't realize midgard requires you to type in html (and I am pretty sure it was not that way, probably something broke again), here is the text again, properly

Dear maemo/meego enthusiasts and Linux lovers,

as most of you likely know, Nokia stopped supporting the infrastructure at the beginning of the year. After two server migrations (Nokia -> Nemein in December 2012, Nemein -> community), is now completely community supported. Unfortunately, was delivered to the community in less-than-100%-working order and our small techstaff team succesfully manged to move the maemo infra to community owned servers and keeping services alive until now. But they are totally overloaded and are yet to have dedicated maintainers for all divisions.

So we, the maemo community council and the Hildon Foundation decided to ask the community for their urgent help. We are seeking maintainers for
- bugzilla
- drop
- garage
- midgard/cms/web
- repository
- wiki
- other co-sysops for Apache, mysql, php, Python

Understanding of requirements of a productive system is mandatory. You need to know about peer-review and proper documentation and coordination with sysops. We have no manuals about how stuff works, you need to find your way around by investigating the existing system. Due to the lack of documentation for midgard and, we need your knowhow in order to point techstaff to solutions. Without sufficient manpower, the problems we are facing are putting the whole infrastructure at risk. If things remain unsolved, we will be forced to shut down critical services or even the whole of sooner or later. We need your assistance in resolving these issues.

This request comes with no particular expectations and it may seem quite obvious, but we have to stress the fact that without community help, a community-driven infra will fail.

You are probably the right one who knows about these services well enough to help us keep them operating. Even just a small contribution of time is extremely welcome. Whether that's having some time set aside for a walkthrough of the architecture; the ability to answer a bunch of questions; or pointers to documentation we may have missed - we'd appreciate anything.
So if you think you can help, please offer it here or send a mail to

Thanks for reading and kind regards,
Maemo Community Council & Hildon Foundation

Joerg Reisenweber / joerg_rw
Michael Demetriou / qwazix
Rüdiger Schiller / chemist
Christian Ratzenhofer / merlin1991
Craig Woodward / Woody14619
Ryan Abel / GeneralAntilles
Jaffa / Andrew Flegg
Gido Griese / Win7Mac

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