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Was just curious how this project was doing and found their sort of blog with updates. Last update May 19. I'll be amazed if they can deliver.

Update on first shipment
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Good news everyone, our first batch has finally been released from customs back to the manufacturer. Our manufacturer has identified the issue which caused the hold up and is preparing shipment again. The issue was related to some of the units which were pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 but lacked the proper licenses.

This time we are having the Ubuntu units and the Windows units shipped separately to avoid this problem.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and sorry for the lack of updates
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First shipment on their way! – Update
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Our first batch is currently being held in customs pending some information needed from our manufacturer. The manufacturer is aware of the issue and is working on providing the necessary information. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Our first batch of UbuTabs is on its way to us from the manufacturer! Thanks again for all your patience! We really appreciate everyone’s support and enthusiasm.

If all goes as planned we should be able to begin shipping in about 5 days.
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