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Just Like Apple or Banana or whatever, people just want it to work. With n900 one has to work hard, and the rewards are tremendous. (example: I spent a whole day freeing up around 113 MB on the rootfs). General people dont know what is a " MB ", let alone rootfs. With the introduction of siri on banana, in upcoming years people will forget how to optimize and get more than you bargained for, if you work hard. They are pushed far in to the interface and we are pushed far inside the core.

The gap between users and programmers keeps increasing.
Yep. With the arrival of banana and green bug (green-eyed monster? ) now almost everybody brags about their 'smartphone'. I'd like to repeat this comparison and show people once and for all that, although technically they do own a 'smartphone', it is the user, not only the devs who built the OS, who truly defines how 'smart' your otherwise inanimate object is. In my country there's a saying, 'Humans/The individual consecrate(s) the place.' Couldn't apply it any better here.
P.S. 1) I'm taking things to an individual level. Obviously, there are knowledgeable users in every camp, but I can't help feeling that to be called a 'smartphone user' formerly stood for a lot more than today.
2) 'siri on banana'.... just too good

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