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Just remember that by modifying the levels or poking around in other pack directories there is a high probability that you either end up corrupting your highscore or settings file or breaking installation of official level packs.
Yes, you will probably break the installation of the official level packs if you follow my directions for the pack2 thing.

Actually cg, what I did was copy Level1.lua, to _all_ the filenames in the gamelogic.lua. So my pack1/ contains all the levels that the game could possibly be looking for. I then took that directory and copied it to pack2 _and_ pack3. Since I didn't have the retail version and I didn't know how far to go.

All you'd have to do to fix this to buy the retail levels (If/when they're available again) is to delete your pack2 and pack3 directories (or move them somewhere else - This is of course me assuming that the levels in pack1 that are in themes 2 and 3 will not be loaded from pack1)

After looking at the gamelogic Chunkspy dump yesterday it doesn't appear that anything is missing from the demo except the level scripts for themes 2 and 3.

(I hope this doesn't encourage a re-release with that fixed)

by the way cg, do you hang out in any of the #maemo irc channels at all? I was thinking of starting an angrybirds level editing channel on freenode or efnet or something. I think the only people who would visit would be you and forcer so I haven't gotten around to makin' one yet.

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