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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden View Post
I recommend either Crucial, Sandisk, Lexar, or Kingston flash cards. I use MicroSD with a MiniSD adapter, as it allows me to move the same card between any device I want by simply using adapters where necessary.

And to the poster who said MicroSD maxed at 8gb, you're incorrect. They max at 32gb under SDHC, and the newer SDXC will go into the terabytes. Yes, I said terabytes, on a microsd. I got verified word on that from the SD working group at CES.
Originally Posted by bigr3dd0g View Post
While there may be 32GB sdhc, they are not very common in most stores..and cost a fortune

SDXC cards have the ability to reach terabytes..but right now they're still planning on first creating 64gb sdxc cards. There's a fine line between ideally being able to reach 2tb vs actually doing it cost efficiently
Incorrect still, The original SDHC standard has theoretical maximum capacity of 2TB and a maximum transfer rate of 6 MB/s.

The SDHC simplified standard maximum capacity was reduced to 32gb and a maximum transfer rate of 6 MB/s.

The SHXC Standerd Maintained the theoretical maximum capacity of 2TB, but brought the base transfer rate to 104MB/s with a theoretical maximum of 300 MB/s.

Also the largest capacity MicroSDHC card currently available is 16GB.

Now, to answer your question BaInsIsIll. yes the n810 uses MiniSDHC which are uncommon in larger capacity's, and for which I recommend reading this.

It is well worth the price and you can get a 32GB SHDC Class 6 for around $130 USD.
Hope this helps.

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