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#10 isn't really a "similar" plugin to the n900.
It may be close..
But they are different.
The platforms they need to run on are different...
Just because somethings work well for the n900..especially with plenty of people actively maintaining it... doesn't translate very well with expectation for the n8x0 ...where we have little maintenance going on at all.
I see a few programs which need to be kept-up...
but on the whole ...pretty much everything works well ...still...including some programs which are almost a decade old now...I have a ton of stuff I use on my n8x0 which works perfectly fine for me.
I don't believe your issue is pertaining to the device, the os running on it or the program per se..but rather to the fact the facebook service and others like it...twitter...and their continuous protean natures..
Look at the threads...look at how often all the twitter and facebook and other social media clients for the n900 need to be perpetually kept-up.
Something is going wrong with one of them all the time..
Is that the fault of the n900?
I don't think so.
I think you can safely point the finger at the services for fudging things up...
not the device.
Same goes for the n810/ n800.
Don't be disheartened ...
just write a prog which aims for facebooks gut...which can't be screwed with .
An example is the twitter app here for the devices...what was the name of it again?...fella threw it out as an aims for twitter's is pretty much simple and bulletproof.
ach...can't remem. the name on the n8x0's very well...
I'll remember what it was...
that is it!

So...anyway..I think looking at the entirety of the situation is necessary here.
The 770, and both the n800 and n810 do not...I not have the people constantly working on them any longer.
Also the devices and platforms are not trash... or not worth the time...or however you wish to word it....
There just isn't the number of people maintaining, bug fixing, writing code, making programs for them any longer.
At least not openly...
There are novice users, there are putters and there is the odd power user ...and a few people making something new...for themselves or the community...but it is precious few .
A few programs need work...but the vast bulk of programs here are rock-solid...the same goes for chinook, diablo and turbo...
So posting here in the 770 n800 and n810 will get an answer to a question...but it will take a while.
As far as diablo turbo works perfectly fine for me and others...and has for years...
you also have to remember that turbo was done in 2010...5 and 1/2 years many un-updated devices and platforms would still be running fine after that long?

Don't blame the device...
don't blame the community created cssu...
nor the created version turbo...
and speaking of which...
one can hardly blame anyone for leaving the job of maintenance after 5 and 1/2 or more years....

Are people supposed to just "wait" around for half a decade ...maintaining things waiting for your predestined and highly anticipated arrival to the device line?

0- You could try asking the n900 creator/ maintainer of Jabber for some help/ insight...whoever it is could probably figure the problem out in a heartbeat...and it could be sussed out in no time...

1- or ask in the 770, n8x0 subforums and ..."bump the thread once a week" as I said...
and be patient...
and not n900 forum "waiting-a-whole-day" or "waiting-a-whole-week" patient either.

2- and/ or knuckle down and figure out how to tweak the version there is ...while waiting...

3- and/ or find an alternate which can be adapted to the n8x0 and port it over..while waiting..

4- and/ or make your own bullet proof version of the app you want...while waiting..
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