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Originally Posted by deutch1976 View Post
Don't know
The strange thing is that i removed both Clutch and Transmission the same way and only transmission icon doesn't show. Is there a way to run it by terminal?
Yeah the Transmission package just installs a binary, it's more like a traditional linux package than an "app" - it doesn't have a desktop file, so it won't show up in the home screen.

From the openrepos page for my build of Transmission:

Build of Transmission for use with Clutch, the Silica frontend for Transmission.

This build uses different settings to NielDK's build, mostly things that have been disabled to keep the package minimal:
  • Transmission-qt not included
  • Commandline utilities transmission-(create|edit|remote|show) not included
  • No systemd unit file for transmission-daemon
  • Doesn't create transmission user
  • Disabled transmission-cli, native language support

If you intend to run Transmission more like you would on a headless server as a background process, you might prefer to use NielDK's build. Clutch starts transmission-daemon in the foreground and kills it when the app exits, so this package is designed to be as lightweight as possible.

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