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I got mine yesterday and used only the browser for a short while. The display is ok, but the speed is compared to the phone not increased (slow "hickup" scrolling in the browser, etc)
There are now much more pixels being moved so I guess fast scrolling means graphical card being overloaded - maybe this chipset is still fairly new to underlying Android drivers and they could be optimized in the future?

Then again, I tried many browsers on the phone and noted that the scrolling performance differs a lot depending on application.

For example native Webpirate is a full featured browser and looks attractive and aligned with Jolla alternative philosophy but I am set back by the scrolling performance.

The Firefox browser is the best performing browser on the Sailfish Phone, despite it running on Alien Dalvik.

Could you try install Firefox on the tablet and see if your experience with Firefox is better?

I know this is not the point but we must not ignore that Jolla is pushing Sailfish to be the alternative platform of choice on which to run your favorite Android apps.

Also I would be interested to know how much memory the Alien Dalvik virtual machine is reporting. 1GB?

Thanks and good luck with the eventual sale

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