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I give you the storage monsters the corp.s can't touch yet. The best smartphone storage cap to date is the "hope" for 128gb. A samsung device. The projection is it will possibly be a decade before there are 1TB smartphones. People want that much and industry is trying to provide, demand is obviously there.
So until rainbows sprout out of everyone's palms, THIS is the "new" standard in monster storage capacity.

Affordable Adata 128 GB Class 10 SDHC SD Cards. They work fine, up to CSSU, not Diablo-Turbo, at least not yet anyway, haven't puzzled it out yet.
The average price now on ebay is $40 auction possibly $20. I have 5 myself. Paid around that 40 mark for a couple, couple round the 20ish mark and picked up one for $5 (not bad eh?).

So even over the next few years as prices go down and 256 GB SDXC cards become more realistically affordable and the industry plays catch up storage-wise, we could leap past them again in capacity from our current max 240GB to theoretically 510GB .

To recap and shake you out of the shock.
Right now the n800 has a max storage cap of 1/4 of a Terabyte with the future potential of 1/2 TB .

It means at the least the monetary value of n800's just went up on ebay from $20 or $40 or $60 ...that is saying "IF" anyone is paying attention here of course.
If not snag a few them up before sellers see it or here it and hike their prices.

My beasts in order are "LEVIATHAN" I call her LEVI for short.
I almost have "everything" installed and she isn't balking at all.

And "BEHEMOTH" BEMI for short. Haven't had time to pack him up yet.

I'll fin here for now any questions just hit me up.
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