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Originally Posted by Andre Klapper View Post
"You can workaround this by stopping mce, and then completing the update.

# /etc/init.d/mce stop
# dpkg --configure -a

and maybe

# apt-get -f install

but you know that."
that finally did the trick
...thank you all for your precious help and especially Marius (see details on bug report link) for pointing out the details and solution to my problem.

Originally Posted by Marius
[...] If the update is interrupted (battery falling out of the device, say), the
device tries to complete the update in 'rescue mode' (red text during booting).
In that scenario, mce fails to configure for some reason.

[...] mce can not be started when it is already running. That's why it
fails to configure itself. I'd say that's a bug in mce.