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Here was our PM exchange (will delete this post later):

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the jolla team (as I'm sure you are aware) have previously asked via twitter and during the JollaLoveday announcement for community input regarding the sort of apps and functionality we want to see.
I'm not inclined to start another thread for the hell of it, but it would seem logical to do so, if only to make it easier to aggregate a concise list and make it easier to relay to them in a more formal manner at some later point.
Let me know your thoughts.
i don't want to clog the questions, ideas, concerns thread with this stuff.

Perhaps we should tease-it-out into 3 GDocs now:
*Hw/Sw Questions
(most of which they're likely to never answer, until they're ready to make public announcements)

The thread was meant to be mainly for discussing content that may go into the docs or is already there, what should be added, removed, or moved elsewhere once there's more public info etc.
Might be the way to go.

How about I start a "Applications you'd like to see on SailfishOS" thread to get us going, and if we want to, we can ask the Mods to merge it into one of the others later?
Sure, I can amend the title of the current main thread to reflect the 3 main categories/docs, & then later we can ask mods to merge your new thread into it. Just give me a chance to have the "ideas/suggestions" doc ready so you can link to it from your 1st post.
Okey dokey.
let me know if you need any help with the Gdoc stuff.
Flat out today, hopefully I should have time tomorrow...
Was having 2nd thoughts in merging all 3 threads, might be better to keep them separate but share the same grouping of gdocs.


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