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Ok I've put a bit of effort into revamping the QMatrixClient based harbour-matrix and its now starting to look like a reasonable client which I should release on OpenRepos soon.

I've update the library to the latest and got it working with opt-gcc for c++14 support, so thanks to rinigus for that.

If anyone wants to try a pre-release version, I've been updating builds on OBS

Source here:

Most of the work has been on the Rooms page, which now has some basic things like:
- Room Avatars
- Unread State
- Highlight Count
- Collapsable Tag Groups
- Accept Invite to Room

Theres also a bunch of stuff the library supports which can be easily added to the UI:
- Create Room
- Leave Room
- Set Room Tags
- Upload / Download file
- Message Editing / Redacting
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