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Is anyone else having trouble with Mail for Exchange and GMail on Nokia N9?

A week ago my email stopped sync-ing (endless spinning squircle in the top-right corner). At first I thought it was a corrupt .qmf directory, so I removed it as suggested in this post:
This has worked for me on one or two previous occasions.

This time it didn't help. I tried various combinations of deleting the directory, rebooting the device and, enabling/disabling and removing/recreating my email settings. During one of the attempts, it managed to sync mail once and then not again.

Now I have tried restoring a backup from July 2017, and email seems to sync again.
i might have a similar problem: mail connection loading forever, mail client not resonding, not being able to open it again without rebooting, .just works occasionally.
i also tried that fix again that you refer to but neither with nor without root access it actually DOES anything (just jumps in the next input row).
does it execute the command in your case?
does anyone have any ideas?