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And this is the kicker. How much is an unlimited data plan? Data is *expensive*, and the ubiquity of free wifi in the UK is minimal: everyone wants to charge you about $12 *an hour* for occasional usage.

I don't think the tablets here are a real advantage, but then I don't see why I'd want to video phone someone anyway ;-)

However, I do think there's a real fallacy in Nokia marketing that data is free, ubiquitous, quick and reliable. It's not any of those. Not IME.
I have to agree with you. I'm here in Charleston SC and just about every WIFI point here is protected and/or they want cash to access. It is annoying to say the least to have to pay some large percentage of the value of the IT just to access WIFI for 10 minutes (directions, e-mail).

I have found that Panera offers unprotected WIFI (though recently in parts of the US accessing a company "free" wifi without actually purchasing something in said store is a "crime". Also it appears that IHOP has free wifi with the pancakes. Yay!