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TCL will release atleast two physical keyboard phones in 2018. I am guessing revisions of the Keyone and Priv designs. Maybe we might see a revival of the classic Blackberry design with a trackpad and landscape display similar to the Blackberry Classic or Bold.

On top of existing Blackberry devices which run Android BBOS 10, the Dragonbox Pyra and Pandora, Sailfish Toh keyboard, Samsung Keyboard addons for the S8, S7 and Note 8, Motomod Keyboard, Gemini PDA, the Pocketchip with mechanical keyboard mod, the GPD Win 1 and GPD Win 2, Raspberry Pi Keyboard designs, The GPD Pocket/Possible Pocket 2, and we now have even more Blackberry devices with physical keyboards as an option.

2017 was the return of the keyboard and 2018 will be growth for physical keyboard devices, maybe 2019 they become more mainstream and we become less dependent on mods.

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