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Blackberry devices, with Android or with BBOS 10, are still very closed. Though Blackberry Passport is very tempting because: 1) square display; 2) touch keypad. I am looking out for Blackberry Visa, very similar to Blackberry Passport, but with patented slide-out keyboard: While the design is complicated, it would allow for nice all-time accessibility of fingerprint reader built into space key, similarly to Keyone (Blackberry Passport didn't have such a fingerprint reader), while reducing probability of pocket-dialing. If you want to go for even more complicated mechanics, dual cameras assembly similar to Oppo N1 could be used.

Dragonbox Pyra is on my must-have list, since this mobile device might potentially replace my laptop without being too bulky or heavy for traveling.

Sailfish TOH sounds interesting, but I didn't catch the Jolla's bandwagon yet. Doesn't help that only one of Sailfish devices is TOH-compatible. Wish at least PuzzlePhone included TOH-compatibilty somehow, in its Spine maybe? Yotaphone's dual-screen is a fascinating design, too, but it would have been nicer to have eInk TOH for TOH-compatible phone, instead of being stuck with one fixed hardware design.

Samsung devices suffer from "too large display" problem, typical for modern phablets. These "mobile" phones do not fit into a pocket. Moto Z devices, while suffering from the same problem, have add-ons similar to Jolla's TOH - and at least, more than one device compatible with such add-ons was manufactured. In fact, if Moto Z devices were compatible with TOH, it could have been a tremendous help for Jolla, but Motorola instead positioned itself as a competitor.

Gemini PDA is amusing, and so are GPD Win and GPD Pocket, but Pyra looks better to me, if only because Pyra has resisitive touchscreen and is generally more open.

PocketChip, I already have. Should look up mechanical keyboard mod.

Raspberry Pi is too troublesome to make a case for. That's a common problem with users: they don't want to craft a plastic (or wooden) case for a device.

I am just wishing currently for devices which look beautiful (not just black rectangles), are small (can fit into jeans front pocket without breaking), can last for a week on one battery, and have a sliding T9 keyboard (or anything else similarly easy to use, without pocket dialing or buttons being too tiny for typing). Sometimes I wish a phone was a phone, for calling, not for typing long texts on qwerty keyboard; and a separate device, like ultra-mobile PC, was used for web-browsing, text typing, and so on. Sometimes I wish for an integrated multifunctional device - but with form-factor far more unique than a slate.

Thank you. Best wishes.
Per aspera ad astra...

P.S. Don't forget about Neo900, a keyboard phone too.

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