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Hi all,

I bought a seconds n900( rarely used), it came with a stock os version is like 1.2009.42 something. i tried to install some softwares like "Twimgo" but there was an error, libqt.4.6.2 is missing. there where four five different type libqt files were missing. So i tried to find a solution for that but failed.
After searching here for long time i read somewhere that the problem will be solved after updating to the latest version. so i updated the os via nokia suite and it is now became 21.2011.38-1.003 version. But now whenever i tried to install some apps it gets the same error. Now it is libqt4.7.2 is missing. so what do i have to do to install these apps. I'm new to this don't know any codding, any help will be really appreciated.