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I suppose opinions will vary among users, but as a current owner of a Jolla1, if my Jolla1 got broken beyond repair, I would possibly try to get a second hand Jolla1, failing that, it'd be an Intex Aquafish - you'd be right in stating that there isn't a premium solution, but to be honest, there has yet to be an official premium offering.

I haven't played with any other devices regarding ported versions of SailfishOs, so I cannot comment on that.

The JollaC (only occasionally available second hand) is basically the Intex device with Jolla branding, or the other way round if you like, the differences are negligible.

Some users are using Turing devices for SailfishOs, but again, not without problems & niggles.

I think I'd have to say, get an Intex from India, the build quality cannot be any worse than the Jolla1.
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