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I don't see this as a problem. We have one port with many protocols. Not the first one. Even the SCART cables were not all the same nor all the connectors were made with all options. The downside is that not all of them can be used at once so obviously we still need more than one port on more versatile devices. But blaming port because it provides different protocols that will confuse Average Joe is just lame. If our Joe is interested at all he can alway read the manual and not expect that something should worrk just because the plug fits. Not all BT devices supports all the profiles and world didn't end because of that. Cabels fror USB-C to "something" shouldn't be the problem because they are/will be designed for that (crappy cables exist in non C world also). And USB-C to USB-C just have to be a good quality cabel with all the wires and all supported protocols will work (again, crappy ones exist). The fact that some OEM decided to use USB-C port for USB 2.0 protocol (which is supported under specs) is hardly a USB-C port fault.
I'd say being able to destroy your electronics by using the wrong cable which looks exactly the same is a big problem. I think it's pretty ridiculous I should have to read a manual for a cable of all things, just so I don't wreck hundreds of euros worth of tech gadgets. I have a hard enough time explaining my parents that the close button on a tab is not the same as the close button of the whole browser, I really don't look forward to receiving their calls about how their USB-C gadget doesn't turn anymore because they "just put in the cable and it stopped working".

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