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@ pichlo How many micro B USB devices you had at some point in time? Or HDMI? Or USB A type?
A very good question. Let's see, chronologically.
  • Standard USB: My first USB device was a tablet (of the graphics type, the thing enabling you to use a pen with your PC). That was in 2000, at the time when everyone around me was using USB mice and keyboards. It took me another 10 years to plug my keyboard to a USB port, and even that was with an adapter, so I could use my still perfectly working PS/2 keyobard and mouse
    I have never owned a USB printer or scanner. My parallel port printer-scanner combo was still working fine when I replaced it with a network colour laser.
  • Micro USB: First used probably around 2011, when I acquired my first "smartphone". I used a Palm with a proprietary connector for the 9 years prior to that. The transition was painless, since the phone came with a USB to micro USB cable.
  • HDMI: I do not own a single HDMI device. In fact I went out of my way to search high and low when I was forced to buy a new TV to find one with two SCART connectors - one for the VCR and one for the DVD player. The TV also has four HDMI ports. A waste of space as far as I am concerned, but at least they are not in the way.
Does that answer your question?

There was a point in embracing USB. The move from no external hard drive to a USB external hard drive is a qualitative change. On the other hand, the move from a parallel printer to a USB printer is merely quantitative, with a questionable justification. In fact I lose more than I gain, since I could use any of my two parallel printers with any of my two computers through a cross-over switch box, something more difficult to do with USB.

The transition to USB-C is even more questionable. The number of times I thought to myself in my whole, nearly half a century long life, "How I wish I could pull this plug out and stick it back in upside down and it would still work," is exactly zero.
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