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some more notes regarding things I tested with the latest build:
  • SNES works on a Nexus5x.
    I did not test anything else due to time constraints.
  • SNES and NES do not work on the Jolla Community device
    Both segfault almost immediately.
    I believe this is because the Jolla C uses armv7l, while emumaster requires at least hard float to build.
  • Interestingly, PSX works on the Jolla Community device.
    I don't know why PSX works on Jolla C while SNES and NES don't.
    Actually PSX even requires the neon instruction set.
From these results, I'd say that:
  • You should be lucky if you have an armv7hl device.
    In this case, my guess is that most things should work.
  • The Jolla C does not (well) support emumaster.
    Even though PSX seems to work, I could not get the others NES and SNES to work with a variety of CFLAGS combinations.



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