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On the latest PM3 (3.0.55) I have to install any of my patches twice before they appear in 'Installed patches' list, then I can apply them. I can also unapply but not remove using menu, there is also no notification regarding removal of the patch in this case, I guess the patch did not then get removed..

I have uninstalled PM3 rebooted and reinstalled. I can remove my patches that are installed from Openrepos using Storeman but the patch stays listed in Installed patches, by closing Settings and opening again, and opening Patchmanager again, the patch is gone from the list but not always. I have tried patches from other users and all yielding the same problem, presumably this is a prob with PM3.

What can I do to sort this?, I know a thing or two about QML you know! :P
I can't reproduce your problem. pm3 openrepos page contains information about retreiving logs.
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