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Nice one, too.

I can only think of timing problems, maybe the 7 seconds is not enough between down and up. I had same problesm, but after setting to 7 seconds it always worked out for me. Do you have high loads?

And the CallRelease just ends the call, no more. It may be there, but it is not needed, as shutting down phonet0 is doing the same (OK, almost).
Shutting down the telephony system (and enabling again) will bring up the switch. So I am curious how you are able to switch without bringing down?

Oh and one more about timing. Maybe also increase he sleep between bringing up the call and shutting down. Maybe your adapter needs more time to detect ...

Either way let me know, to make mine more stable, please.
But you said my method works for you?

Oh and about 'killall csd': that was my first very early approach and it worked out. But after a few switches I ran into troubles also (do not remember exactly, but I think it was about internet connectivity / telephony unavailable).

Maybe found your issue: imagine going into your script with SIM2 active! Then opcode1 will be 10 and opcode2 will be 10 also. So at the end of script there is no instruction to switch back to SIM1 ...

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