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If I play my cards right, mine should be returning along with my fiancÚ when she returns from Sweden in July.

So by then, most issues will have been resolved??
smart man, swedish, and bringing you a jolla phone. great catch.

Compared to the N9 release, i'm personally not as enthusiastic to get my hands on a Jolla. I pre-ordered my N9 from Harvey Norman, and collected it within an hour of them receiving the stock, so possibly amongst the first in Aus to have a retail N9. Whereas for the Jolla phone, I'm not as eager. Sailfish as an OS just feels.... awkward.... (based on my N9 port), and too many issues for an initial release, even the N9 wasn't this bad on release.

If I could stand Android, I would probably move there, but for now my aging N9 is still doing the job, but needs a battery replacement at some stage.
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