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tl;dr: please read #70
In an attempt to keep threads on a very narrow topic and to not let the main thread grow beyond a reasonable size (well, it already did), I am starting this new thread and moving all the posts from the main thread to here that are about efforts of transferring fund ownership from Golden Delicious Co to UG.

To the valued reader:
Some posts in this thread may sound a bit dark - this is no reason to feel pessimistic about our project, we are all still determined and willing to make the Neo900 a success story. We just need to do some organizational restructuring now so nobody feels uncomfortable with the risk (read: liability) that is involved for them by working for the project, and also to streamline our process for future work.
We are always honest and fair to our customers/supporters, but we also need to be fair to ourselves: No one should fear to eventually wake up facing a situation where the Neo900 project ruined her/his life. Thus we need to do some risk management and adjust the project organization to what we want it to be. Or let's put it this way: we did some mistakes in the initial phase (sorry, our fault) and we're correcting those now, to secure and improve the project at large.
Sorry for the inconvenience and noise this causes - we are trying to minimize that. Stay tuned, I will update this post#1 with latest news!

Thanks for your support and patience

[update #1] as promised, to save you skimming though 7 pages of thread: in 60 minutes I have a meeting with my tax adviser, to check details about how Neo900 UG can receive funds. Nikolaus is looking into ways to transfer funds directly from GDC to UG on order of customer (if customer agrees, otherwise customer receives refund). Next relevant activity you will notice: you receive a mail from GDC explaining the details to you.
[update #2] please skip directly to #68 and also see my reply 2 down (#70)
[update #3] yesterday (2014-05-24) we have set up an interim page with Neo900 UG account data and minimalist wording, on We are still very reluctant to accept any donations there since we can't check (and actually don't even know yet) about shipping situation on donor's location. So for any new donors, please be aware of this fact, we can't guarantee we can ship to your exotic (or not so exotic, just e.g. IL or RU, or AR) destination.
[update #4] 2014-05-28: transfer started, stay tuned for a special newletter mail reaching you - assuming you all registered to newsletter mailing list

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