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I created a game (Ball Game) in one week. I hope people will have a bit of fun with that.

Goal: Use your finger to push a ball to a hole on the screen. On higher levels, you have less possible attempts to push.
More details: It is adviced to read the tutorial text before starting the game.

The game is available in extras-devel.

Package for MeeGo tablets (Intel AppStore validation is still pending):

Git repo:

MeeGo Coding Competition page:

Motivation: Showing the power of the Qt on different platforms.
Problems: The major problem was not the Qt itself, but the desktop etc integration differences on x86/N900 armel.
Result: I was very suprised, how quickly I could sketch this small game.
ToDo: Many things can be done for the better gaming experience. In first place, I would like to create a Symbian version as well.

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