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My 2 HPs.

The HP-15c is a classic, of course. Same size but more fully functioned than the 11c but more pocketable and affordable than the 41 series, just with more limited programmability. Instead of wasting keys assigned to metric system conversions, the backplate was printed with the formulas to ten significant figures.

And the Saturn-based HP-28S. Glad I hesitated in getting the 28C, since the S model increased the memory from 2K to a much more usable 32K. Plenty of room even for a basic program that played my college fight song. And I finally understood the logarithmic periodicity of the equitempered chromatic scale after that exercise. Tons of unit conversions. Named memory locations. Graphing. Online help with functions. Easy-to-read complex numbers and arrays. IR port was output only, and the only thing I ever used it for was to print a program on a friend's matching printer for archival purposes. As if thermal register tape is a viable archive material.

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