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Other stuff:

A couple more things killed by the smartphone in general, not just my beloved N900:

A cheap pocket-sized solid state camcorder/camera/MP3 player and a pocket (cargo pocket, maybe) sized personal digital photo displayer. You don't see these things around anymore.

Plus something still useful: an N800. Still works, makes a nice streaming audio player. Used to use it when travelling instead of hauling a computer. Two SD card slots made uploading photos taken with a digital camera a cinch.

And finally something that was never all that great: My wife's old HP WinCE phone. It was pretty crashy, which was its main flaw. Poor reception was another. And locking up all the time. My wife got good at opening the back and removing and reinserting the battery one-handed. Screen orientation changed with keyboard opening/closing rather than an accelerometer. Was a necessary evil, since at the time the only mobile OSs that supported the medical applications my wife's hospital and clinic used were PalmOS, Blackberry and WinCE. Although the iPhone had been out a while, it was not supported yet. New PalmOS devices weren't available anymore to replace the dead one, and Blackberrys were rather too pricey. Storage could be expanded with a micro SD and the telescoping stylus looked much cooler than it was.

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