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As a follow-up to yesterday's patch, here is another tweak to hildon-desktop. This modifies the layout of the launcher icon grid, so that it is not a continous list, but split into pages of three rows each.

Patch: hildon-desktop-2.2.138-1+0m5_paginate-launcher-icons.patch

Example screenshot of "second page" (rows 4-6):

Example screenshot of last page (padding at the end to fill the screen):

What this patch is missing right now is a modification of TidyFingerScroll to add another scroll mode (in addition to PUSH and KINETIC) that makes the scroller "snap" into pages (like the iPhone springboard or the MeeGo launcher). I did not have much time to look into this, but a Clutter wizard should have no problem implementing this. I'm thankful for any help there

TidyFingerScroll is implemented in tidy-finger-scroll.h and tidy-finger-scroll.c in case you want to get your hands dirty

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