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why selling so expensive if you can buy it for 15$?
Thank you for asking such a good question :-) Seeed Studio are selling it for 15USD, plus postage (postage from USA to Australia [or any other country outside of USA, I guess] is 37USD). I am selling it for 50AUD, plus postage (postage from Australia to Australia is about 9AUD, from Australia to worldwide about 22AUD).

For somebody located in Australia, my offer turns out cheaper (59AUD < 65AUD <= 52USD) and offers faster delivery. For somebody located elsewhere... Quite close, depends of AUD vs USD exchange rate (72AUD vs 52USD>=65AUD).

Of course, if somebody buys it from me via EBay, the price goes up by 5AUD or so (thank EBay fees for that), so the only advantage I get to keep is that, for buyer within Australia, I am capable of faster delivery; price is nearly the same (64AUD on my side, 52USD>=65AUD on Seeed Studio side).

I cannot be too sure about exchange rates of USD vs AUD; they are different at DuckDuckGo calculator (which is what I used for this post), PayPal (which is how people typically pay at Seeed Studio?) and bank (if people buy from Seeed Studio and pay with a bank card). If anything, I am underestimating how expensive USD is.

So far, I am just looking for Pebble Time users, preferably in Australia, who would like to buy the smart strap kit from me. Like, I bought two kits for 91AUD instead of buying one kit for 71AUD (67.36USD for two kits vs 52.36USD for one kit), and am now trying to sell one kit while keeping the other for myself.

Best wishes.
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