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...Meizu devices will be much better, and there should be a 5" 1920x1080 with much better spec and less gigantic bezels from bQ soon. If leTV really are releasing the devices (with UP) that I posted about recently, those should absolutely fly with that kind of spec and be superb value too.
... My main hope is that they change the way multi-tasking works sooner rather than later. Apps are still COMPLETELY frozen when not focused. Which makes absolutely no sense as they're targeting power users / techies / FOSS enthusiasts initially.
Hmmm, that in a sense is a problem for those of us without loads of boodle - wait a bit for a better specs device? But, I want it now!

And I hope that they allow one to override the default re multi-tasking. I absolutely understand why they may want that default for reasons of battery-life but linux is about choice and living with what ensues.

PS. As I read more, I see with the scopes rather than apps approach as deployed at present, multi-tasking in a desktop sense does not come into play. So, what will one be able to install on this device outside of the scope of scopes?

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