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Hi guys.

As a Flash developer and member of as well as owner of N900 I would like to introduce my new project developed and designed for mobile devices called FLAEMO

What is Flaemo?

Flash based and web based touch device friendly Operating System. Purpose of this project is to give you virtual desktop with all web based applications you might need available from any device you like. Considering HTML5 support in the future IF html5 will give you the same level of experience and cross platform consistency. At the moment is far away from 23kb of engine in Flash version. Considering the fact that hour "unlimited" mobile access to web has sometimes a 500MB/month number on it ad quality of network is very often crap make a lot of sense to keep it as light as possible.

I'll be very thankful for any feedback and suggestion from you. At present it's far away from what I wont to achieve there, but hope that short introduction there is good enough to explain my goals. If not, feel free to ask.
I have to say, I love Maemo and N900 and I couldn't help as c++ developer to much. This is my contribution to the community


Canvas - scrollable canvas in any direction.

Desktops implementation of multi-desktop solution. 9 default desktops laying on the canvas. Possibility to specify your own grid and number of desktops.

Screen modes the choice of vertical or horizontal layout adjusts the graphics accordingly in a most visually efficient way. That unfortunately will not be supported naively in n900 due to lack of support for Flash 9 in full screen mode.

There is an option to force portrait mode but n900 need special treatment in this case.

Edit mode you can arrange your desktop items in vertical or horizontal mode separately. Enhanced level of customization will let you change a lot of things. Entire GUI system is made up of layers, you will be able to use solid gradient colors or even textures. To addition to that you will get static layer called decorations for not movable elements (kind of master screen)

Profile Manager former (Device Manger is no longer there). Instead you will be able to customize your stuff on mobile, desktop and TV profile separately by your own depend of what device you are going to use.

Navigation system - it's something you never saw before. In fact it's simple and let you use only one finger to all your tasks you might need. Idea behind was to put your head up again and leave your second hand free. Touch screen devices these days seems to be more natural and human friendly but a lot of GUI ideas came directly from windows-like systems which are no longer adequate.
Our fingers are not a mouse controller.

By the architecture design menu system itself is an external module that can be replaced in the future by any other you prefer better.

Accessibility - you will be able to share your profile with other users and decide witch element on your desktop will be visible for guests, your friends and yourself. Flaemo is going to get internal storage (aka DropBox) you will be able to store your stuff and access it from many different devices at any time.

Interactivity - you will be able to connect directly to your friend desktop and share a lot of things with them. Direct chat or even sending desktop widgets in real-time.

Couple of screen shots:

Closed Beta functioning release will be available in Feb 2011.

Public Closed Beta

Testing profile - always up-to-date under development for testing and debugging purposes.


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