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I have just published a new release of the server. This version introduces the support for route calculations. Thus, together with a client, you could use it for offline navigation by car, bicycle, or while walking. The changelog will be added to the first post when it will be updated.

As a reference, route calculation for shorter distances takes few seconds on a device (I use it on Nexus 4). For example, Stockholm -> Malmö (600 km) is about 15 seconds. Route calculation from Stockholm to Aarhus (950 km) would take about 45 seconds.

Since it can take significant amount of time, the client program has to be a bit more patient with timeouts. See for a reference and how to patch Poor Maps to work around it.

There are also changes that allow you to tweak label rendering (thanks to @Karry!). These are under advanced settings. Use caution while experimenting with them.

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