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With the latest release of Poor Maps, there is no need anymore to add plugins from the thirdparty folder into your .local/shared/harbour-poor-maps folder. To avoid confusion, its probably better to use official Poor Maps plugins to interact with the server.

After exposing routing functionality of the libosmscout library, there are more issues with the stability of the server. For example, @otsaloma has submitted the cases where either the server crashed or was not able to find the route .

It seems to me that there were not that many users of routing functionality of the library so far and we are one of the first ones. This is, in general, not a problem as long as we help to fix the bugs and make the library better. The principal developer of the library - Tim Teulings (@Framstag) - is very active and is resolving the issues rather quickly. For example, during a week he was able to: [1] fix the issue related to suggesting illegal turns and the routes were only public transport can go; [2] propose a fix to an issue leading to segfault of the server in a case reported by @otsaloma. These fixes would be released with the next version of the server.

So, I would like to ask you to file the issues that you have. Please try to get an URL that leads to a problem. I will try to react in timely manner and either fix them myself or report upstream in a way that would allow Tim to reproduce and fix it.

In addition, please keep the library installed on your PCs. Some fixes, such as the ones related to taking illegal turns, would require regeneration of the maps. So, you would have to get a newer version of the library (git pull), compile and install it again, and then reimport the maps. One of the tasks that I am planning to resolve is related to simplifying this cycle by providing an Import tool, but such cycle is needed until its done.

We are not yet in the stage where everything is working as it should. But, with all of our help, the library and the server could be improved significantly.

The current issues and my todo list are shown under

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