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i investigated a little and found out that the signal from the headset comes to the mpris section in the AudioPlayer.qml where also the function shuffleAndPlayAllAudio is located. the thing is ,it takes 2 arguments, model and some size, which both are only available in mediaplayer.qml, but how can i tell mediaplayer.qml from Audioplayer.qml to call the function shuffleAndPlayAllAudio? my idea was to send a signal from Audioplayer.qml, so i put in mpris section, which has the id mprisPlayer, signal mys and in onPlayRequested i put mprisPlayer.mys(). in mediaplayer.qml i changed onFinished to onMys and put the function to shuffle and play all audio there. but when i run jolla-mediaplayer it tells me cannot assign to non-existent property onMys

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