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The commands only need to be run once per flash too..
Not if you stuff up your external memory card or otherwise corrupt the ext2 filesystem, which can happen several times between flashes Should your memory card or filesystem become corrupt (I find ext2 to be quite easy to corrupt) all that needs to be done to recreate the cloned OS is run the script with params 0 through 4 having booted from internal flash... only takes about 15 minutes and most of that time is taken by tar.

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and I put up easier instructions than the wiki once upon a time.
Unfortunately there seem to be several wikis covering this functionality, several of which are hopelessly out of date and have been badly mangled by the conversion to Midgard on I probably haven't seen your updated instructions but feel free to provide a link if they're still accurate/readable.

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I like your method, it will help the mindless dual boot.
I'd hesitate to say mindless, but it should help those who don't really care too much about how it all hangs together!

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I guess I just like to know whats going on under the hood as I figured anyone who would bother with a dual boot wou.d
As I wrote the script I guess that lets me off the hook, I've got a rough idea what the script is doing!

The only reason I dual boot nowadays is to give Sardine a whirl every now and again - with this script I can clone and upgrade the OS to Sardine inside 30 minutes and I'm only typing 6 or 7 commands which aren't exactly difficult to remember (particularly as six of them are practically the same!)

The OS clone takes about 10-15 minutes, and the upgrade to Sardine another 15-20 minutes. Most of the time is spent waiting for files to copy or download/upgrade... run the next step... wait... run the next step... etc. until finished. Then reboot and enjoy (well as much as one can enjoy Sardine - the new finger menu is looking good though).

Hopefully these instructions will make life simpler for some people and may even allow yet more people to sample Sardine. It's an alternative to the various wiki instructions (although it skimps in some important areas such as partitioning etc.) but should be easier to follow if you don't want to have to think too much!

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