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Sorry for being late to the party and side-tracking a bit by (kinda) answering the OP
Originally Posted by deutch1976 View Post
I wonder if it is any good for us
Anything done by M$ in the post-W7 era (AKA the Satya Nadella era AKA the Apocalypse of user privacy) is only good for M$ (OK, maybe their partners as well).
(I'm not saying what M$ did prior to W10 was not good for them, but now it's much worse for the users, whether they know or care about it)

So while "offering" the possibility for (not privacy-inclined/-aware) W10 users to (hopefully) easily discover *one* variation of GNU/Linux is fine, let's not forget it boils down to getting an Open OS through one hell of a black box (and then there's the privacy aspect)...

I'd rather have distros being more non-tech-savvy-friendly so we could stop hearing the typical argument "Linux is too complicated, I don't even know how to install it"...
While I don't endorse Ubuntu, the idea is worthwhile.

Rant over, sorry about that, it has to be let out now and then.

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