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I do not have time to try any further now, but it complains it needs java (depends on sun-java6-jre | openjdk-6-jre | java2-runtime), so that should be added to dependencies I guess.

It does not look to be optified (installed in /opt to save rootfs space).

And a strange thing is that it now downloads as "desktop4shared-1.3_1-all.deb", and even a lot of filenames/folder are named desktop4shared inside the deb file. Did that alter after uploading to

It looks promising and good to have something "original" on the N900 next to all the ports of existing games. Looking forward for the final product!

Edit: looks like it as the problem Gidzz later mentioned and I dowload some 4share download manager. Can't remember I saw another option. But the other links work with good end result.

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