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I need to check why it depends on java, because it is written in c++ sdl1.2 and gles2.0. I dont have abything related to java installed on my n900 or in the depends list so it is really odd, maybe 4shared messed it up.
I will upload to another mirror and test it then.

Edit: I uploaded a new version to other mirrors, could you tell me if you still get the java dependencies?

ade: currently the game files are stored in /home/opt/ and doesn't use the rootfs, how can I optify it further?

sifo: Looks like a nice addition. I can implement it by using the w,a,s,d for 4 directions or q,w,e,a,d,z,x,c for 8 directions. Shooting will remain with the joystick (it will be pretty hard to shoot with the keyboard, but I guess using an 8 directions shooting wouldn't be bad... ). If anyone has another idea please inform me!

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