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Originally Posted by aflegg
Don't think of it as Notepad, think of it as Jotter
Ah, yes. On the Psion there was another app that was even better (Notes something ? I forget, my last one just died).
We've got text editors galore: Notes, Maemopad, vim, nano, ...
Do we now ? I have xterm, vim and nano, but that isn't my idea of quick and user-friendly note taking -- more like editing config files and scripts. I was under the impression that Hildon/Maemo was lacking a basic, native, Notepad-like text editor. What is maemopad ? It doesn't appear on the maemo wiki apps list, and even when you know it exists, Google turns up precious little. Just a very old .deb from before the 770 actually went on sale, and it doesn't install. Am I missing someting ?